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August 4, 2022

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Hi! I’m Nina, a Xare crackerjack who actively uses the app to sort out expenses and manage my money. With Xare, my life is sorted because it helps me stay in control of my family’s finances - from paying utility bills to giving allowances to my kids or shopping for groceries.  

I’d say, Xare is a power-packed app – a multi-tasker just like me 😊I Use it all the time to transfer money to family members in my home or even miles away. It doubles up as a budgeting app because it allows me to set spending limits, approve transactions and monitor the expenses of other family members. And Xare has a slew of local and global stores where I can shop for everything I need -it’s like having a shopping mall on my phone!

Curious a bout how Xare and I tag team? Here’s what my regular day looks like:

7:00am – (Alexa) Good Morning Nina! It’s time to wake up.

I scramble out of bed and tiptoe to the kids’ room – they’re still fast asleep…..for sure, summer vacations are pure bliss!

·      7:30am – (Google Calendar Reminder) Nancy’s birthday tomorrow. Send her $50.Don’t call – it’ll be midnight there.

I send a $50 Xare card to my sister with a note – “Happy Birthday Sis! Sephora gives 30% off on summer specials. Get your own cosmetics – leave Mom’s stuff alone!!”

Thank God for Xare! Now I can easily send money home, across borders, in just 30seconds. No more queuing up at the remittance house or tracking online transfers. With Xare, money transfers are fuss-free, fast, and completely fee-free!

·      8:00am – I’m prepping breakfast but realize that the milk supply is down to the last glass.

I head straight to the Noon store on the Xare app to order milk, eggs, and bread. While I’m at it,  I also order bananas, carrots, and fresh apple juice from the Barakat store on Xare – some healthy snacks for the kids.

All my favorite stores are on Xare. I don’t need to step out of my home or wander in the store aisles to find what I want. I don’t even need to step into multiple apps on my phone when I’m ordering online – Xare is my one-stop-shopping destination!

·      8:05am – (Alexa) Nina, don’t forget to leave an allowance for kids

I dole out a small $10 daily allowance on Xare for both my kids – for their daily dose of munchies and knick-knacks.  And a$25 Xare card to Jenny, my helper, for emergencies or miscellaneous expenses around the house.  

·      8:10am – (Google Calendar Reminder chimes) Meeting with the new client at 9:15am.

I take a quick glance at my phone – cannot be late for work today.

Breakfast is a hurried affair. The poached egg doesn’t turn out right – maybe it’s time to get a new pan. I tap open the Carrefour store on Xare and place an order for same-day delivery of a new frying pan. I add an offer pack of dish wash tabs and a roll of kitchen wipes and hit Buy Now.  

·      11:00am – Meeting with the new client’s marketing team went great – they loved my creative idea! They invite me to their office to meet the top brass two days later. A welcome gift might be a nice touch here, I wonder.

A quick browse through Amazon on Xare takes me to the perfect bourbon decanter set that would please the President. Easy-peasy!  

Another five-minute scroll down the H&M web store on Xare throws up some neat options and I order a new white shirt to wear to the meeting – my colleagueSally said mandarin collars were in vogue, so I take the advice.

·      1:15pm – Grappling with the post-lunch sluggishness, I remember that I had to call Mom.

Mom had not been keeping too well for the past few days. She looked forward to my calls but felt a little guilty - with a demanding career and a busy household, her daughter was pressed for time. I put down the phone after a hearty chat and promptly send Mom a Xare card to book a full-body checkup at a health clinic.Sometimes, I hate being so far away from my parents and my homeland. Thankfully, with Xare, I can be there for my loved ones even from miles away.

·      3:20pm – I’m busy briefing my team about the new account when I get a frantic call from home.

It’s my younger one calling to remind me to buy the theme park tickets for his play date on Saturday. I try to keep calm and make a mental note to call Darren’s mom for reconfirming the meeting time.  I find a good deal on the Groupon store on Xare and buy four vouchers for the theme park.  

Sam also wanted a Minions tee to wear on his playdate. So, I head to the Next store on Xare to order it right away. A thought crosses my mind – ‘This play date’s turning out to be a pricey affair! Lie low next week.’

We’ve been on the hunt for a new washing machine for weeks. I spotted a fantastic deal on Sharaf DG, but it doesn't fit into my budget this month. I could wait a few months to buy it or take advantage of the buy-now-pay-later offer at Xare. We haven’t decided yet, so I put it on the weekend to-do list on my phone.

·      4:10pm – I get a notification on Xare. It’s my teenage daughter this time.

Serena is using her $10 Xare card on the iTunes store to fund her Apple Music subscription. But not until Mom approves her transaction. I grin - my teen is finally learning to save her snack allowance and spend it wisely.  She gets the go-ahead in one tap as I approve her transaction on the Xare app. These early lessons in financial literacy will help my kid make the right money decisions later in her life.


·      5:45pm – It’s almost time to wrap up and head home. Another notification pops up on my phone.

Jenny is using the Xare card to shop for some fresh mushrooms from Barakat. May be today’s dinner will have Jenny’s famous cream of mushroom soup. I drool a bit –and approve the transaction without a second thought.  

·      8:00pm – Dinner’s done, and the kids are tucked up in bed.

Settling down in front of the TV for another episode of Bridgerton, I find that theNetflix subscription has expired.  A few quick taps on Xare sort that out for me – the subscription is renewed in a jiffy – and I go on to binge-watch three episodes in a row.  

It’s nearly midnight and another action-packed tomorrow is on the horizon. But I’m ready to take on whatever the day throws at me because Xare's got my back.  


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