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July 27, 2022

How to share money using Xare

It’s possible that you will find the concept of money-sharing unfamiliar, so this piece should pique your interest.

It’s possible that you will find the concept of money-sharing unfamiliar, so this piece should pique your interest. Because like all things good, even money works better when shared. And we’re not talking about money transfer, remittance, or any other form of giving or sending money – just pure money-sharing between two people who trust each other.   

The recent pandemic threw up some fresh challenges for how money moved across the world - people have struggled to access funds, send financial aid to their families abroad, or even manage their own wealth.  Money-sharing especially comes as a relief for ‘unbanked’ people who get instant access to money, for free even without a bank account or card.

Xare is a user-generated finance platform that enables you to share access to your credit or debit card with a family member or friend who may not earn an income or own a payment instrument. And to give you an idea of how Xare is growing in popularity since its launch in January 2021, consider that $1 billion have already been shared on the platform by users from +170 countries.  

While ‘money-sharing’ has become common parlance, it is important to understand how Xare is not only unique but revolutionary. 

What is Xare used for?

If you are an income-owner, you can use the Xare app to instantly share access to your money with anyone in your home or across borders. You only need a source of funds (bank account, credit, or debit card) and link it to the Xare app on your smartphone. 

All your friend needs is a valid phone number – he doesn’t need to have a bank account or even have the Xare app downloaded on his phone. You can send him a link via a messaging app to download Xare and give him access to your money without revealing your bank details. 

How does Xare work?

After you download the Xare app, you simply need to input your name and phone number for OTP verification. Once your number is verified, a Xare card is generated automatically. You choose a recipient from your contact list and the amount to be shared. A link to the Xare card can then be shared via a messaging app or directly on the app. 

Next, as the primary user, you must enter your bank or card details to fund your account and activate the Xare card. Your friend will notice the change in status from “Remind” to “Active” on the app and can start shopping in-app from hundreds of local and global stores. You can set spending limits, enable payment authorization, or even set an access expiry date to keep better control of finances. You can also choose to send the same Xare card (of the same value) to multiple recipients and track all transactions on the cards you share.

How long does it take to share money on Xare?

It’s instant!  Xare does not move money between persons but only gives access to money, which can be done in seconds.  Once you fund your account and activate the card, the receiver can see the status update within seconds and can start shopping or spending.   

Does Xare charge a fee?

Not at all! Xare is free-to-use for both the income owner and spender since there is no movement of money, no middlemen, and no agencies of any kind on this platform. Since Xare is permission-free, you pay no charges for shopping from the listed online stores. 

Is Xare secure?

There is no movement of money on the Xare platform, only sharing of access to money between an earner and a spender. The app’s security system ensures bank account or card details are never seen by spenders and are not stored by Xare centrally on its platform, so they cannot be misused.


Xare is, without doubt, a disruptor, but its charm is in how easily it gives access to money to anyone and everyone. It allows people to share financial resources with their tribe without compromising on security. Walking the talk on inclusivity and financial freedom, Xare redefines banking for you and me. That’s the magic of Xare!

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