Eating Healthy. Sorted.

Meet FRESH - the card for making healthy choices

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You always want what’s best for your family.

That’s why you only want them to eat fresh, healthy food.
But you’re not the only one making food choices in your home – it could be your kids, your spouse, or even your helper.

How do you ensure they choose healthily?

Meet the new Xare Barakat FRESH card

A unique way to build healthy habits for your family.
  • Your kids can shop without having to add card data.
  • Your helper or nanny does your grocery shopping without knowing your card data.
  • Give your kids a healthy shopping budget they can’t use elsewhere.
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FRESH is a card like no other

Just share it with your family members and stop worrying about them eating junk snacks or unhealthy juices.
FRESH allows the user to only shop for healthy food items from the Barakat store on the app.
You can create and share as many FRESH cards as you want, with anyone you trust.
With FRESH, you can safely share access to your debit or credit cards without revealing the card details to anyone.
You can share a FRESH card even to make small payments at the Barakat online store.
You can set or increase limits, approve transactions, and monitor expenses, so you’re always in control of your money.
You can take back the card access whenever you need to.

Barakat – the freshest choice for your family

Barakat has a rich legacy of serving fresh fruits, vegetables, juices, and more to families in the UAE since 1976. It is a customer-centric brand that focuses on:
  • Variety: Widest assortment of fresh food sourced locally & from over 50 countries.
  • Hygiene: Maintains the highest standards of hygiene so customers can feel the freshness.
  • Sustainability: Commitment to sustainable living by offering a wide range of organic, pesticide-free, preservative-free products, now delivered in bio-degradable packaging.
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Xare – Family Sharing Simplified

Xare is a one-of-its-kind financial platform that enables you to share access to your credit or debit cards with your loved ones, instantly and free of charge. The recipient doesn’t even need to have a bank account – just a phone
number will do.
  • Download the Xare app using the GET FRESH CARD link
  • Choose a monthly or one-time healthy budget for your family and link your bank card to pay for any purchases.
  • Send your kids and/or helper a custom link.
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Frequently Asked

How do I make sure my card is not misused?
My nanny doesn’t have a bank account. Can I still give her a FRESH card?
Is this like a pre-paid card or a digital wallet?