Xare(/share/) your money with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere for free.

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Xare(/share/) your money with
Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere
for free.

Be the bank your tribe deserves.

Xare Remit

Remittances are expensive, time consuming and don’t give you control and transparency on how your hard earned money is spent.

Stop remitting, Start Xaring . Its free, instantaneous and you control how much money is spent where.

Xare Family

Don’t need to give your kids and dependents cash for their day to day expenses anymore. No need to pay for any supplementary cards.

Xare today. Set limits on where they can spend money and give them more for special occasions. All while putting you in complete control at no cost.

Xare Business

Don’t worry about creating and managing multiple expense accounts for your employees.

Manage and control all the employee’s expenses from one dashboard. No matter how big or small is your business, Xare makes handling your business expenses a breeze.

Xare Credit

Just like everyone, you can often find yourself in a situation where you want to help a friend short on cash - but you don’t yourself have the money to do it.

Now, Simply Xare. Xare your credit card with your friend and help them get back on their feet. Help them avoid falling in the trap of getting expensive short term loans. Xare credit - after all what are friends for.

A billion banks

Banking is broken. 35,000 banks earn 1.3 trillion dollars a year, but still most of us can’t get a loan or even a bank account.

Xare re-imagines banking - allowing anyone, anywhere to Xare their account and credit with their friends and family, their tribes.

We will not fix banking by building another 35,000 banks. We will fix it by building a billion banks - powered by tribes and everyday individuals - who understand their tribes better than any bank or algorithm every could. Let’s build a better world - let’s build a billion banks

Lets build a better world - lets build a billion banks.


Our Team

Xare is brought to you by team rise.

Padmini Gupta

CEO Co-Founder

Milind Singh

CPO Co-Founder

Mandeep Singh

CTO Co-Founder

We started with a mission of making banking better for a billion migrants - but realized that the biggest challenge for migrants was remittances. The concept that you have to send your hard earned money to your friends and family, thousands of miles across, and incur significant costs and time in doing so.

We built Xare to kill remittances - why move money, when you can move access. But we realized that Xare is not only for migrants, but for all of us.

We all need a better way to power our tribes and help each other when it comes to money. Xare puts the power back in your hands, helping you power your tribe.

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