April 7, 2022

The one- stop solution for sharing your money

Looking for a one-stop solution to tackle your financial issues as well as that of your family and friends? Download the Xare app today

Looking for a one-stop solution to tackle your financial issues as well as that of your family and friends? Download the Xare app today and see how it changes your life.

Whether you wish to buy movie tickets, shop online or send money to your loved ones in same or a different country, you need a bank account to do all these things. Banks are structured organisations that store our money and shower us with credit cards or personal loans during need. It isn’t easy to do any financial transaction without a bank account. Yet, with the growth in the banking sector, it hasn’t been able to keep pace with the rapidly changing financial environment.

Challenges With Traditional Banking

Living in a big family has its fair share of money troubles. As a parent, you might want to teach your kids the importance of managing money, yet unsure if they can be trusted with their credit card. As a responsible son/daughter, you want to give a credit card to your dependent parents for their daily needs and care but worried if they might get duped while using them. Banks can help you by issuing supplementary cards for your dependents (but even this is a cumbersome process), but you cannot control where they use them.

For freelancer and contract workers, getting a steady income was always a task. They could have some months with multiple orders and some months with no gigs. For such professionals, having a credit card or personal loan can be a blessing in disguise for managing the tough months. Yet, most banks don’t offer credit cards to professionals without a regular income flow.

For various small and medium enterprises, managing employee’s expense accounts can be a tough task. Employees spend hundreds of dollars on the road on the company’s work, which needs to be audited correctly. But with many employees and multiple expense accounts, it becomes difficult, especially for smaller companies to keep track of the expense report and do timely reimbursement.

Until recently, sending money internationally was restricted to traditional remittance players, banks and post offices. For migrant workers, sending money back home was challenging as they found it difficult to connect in language or adapt to new technology. Even if they were successful in sending through expensive ways, their family back home often found the process of receiving money slow and burdensome.

You or someone you know must have faced one of the above problems and still don’t have the ideal solution for it. But with advancement in technology, a tectonic shift has been observed in the way we transact. The evolution in financial technology is moving the world from a cash-based economy to a digital one. The entire globe is going mobile, with smartphones being the best medium for managing finances and financial apps being among the top 3 categories of downloaded applications. Yet, banks aren’t progressing enough to adapt to the times. Seeing the dearth between banking services offered and financial needs, there was a need for a service to bridge the gap.

What is Xare App?

The answer to meeting almost  all your financial needs is Xare (pronounced as Share). This mobile app revolutionises the financial services and provides options and solutions to those who have been ignored by traditional banks.

Xare believes in providing a simplified banking experience to everyone, assisting them in tackling various day-to-day problems. Our company has spent years understanding the problem people face with financial institutions and devised solutions that not only help the individual but even their friends, family, and tribe.

To start with, our state-of-the-art platform doesn’t charge any fee for transacting money from one individual to another. You just need the recipient’s phone number to send money within the same house or across borders. Your loved ones don’t need a bank account or have to stand in long bank queues to collect their money. They can get it from the ease of their home.

Xare is a Solution to All Your Financial Woes:


For people living in a big family, Xare is a blessing in disguise. Now, you can share money with your kids and dependents without the worry of it being misused. You can set the limit as to where they can spend the money and give them more on special occasions such as birthdays. You can rest assured that your kids won’t max out the card, or your parents might not have enough to manage their daily needs, all with the help of Xare.


For businesses, Xare offers a solution in the form of a single screen dashboard to manage and control all your employee’s expenses. Now, you can track the expense report of your employees from multiple accounts, reducing your efforts on audit and streamlining your business operations.


Xare is ideal for remittance across borders. Users can share their credit card with trusted friends and family, who might have been denied a loan or credit card from the bank due to past financial issues. This is a big help for freelancers and contractual workers who don’t have a steady income or supply and now can use your shared credit to survive the tough month.


Xare isn’t just easy to use but secure as well. For sharing money, users have to link their debit or credit card. The app provides complete security, ensuring card details are not seen by the beneficiary and not stored by Xare centrally. This prevents the possibility of hacking or leaks.


But Xare not just about helping with your financial issues; let’s look at the other benefits of Xare. With our Xare card, you can use it in thousands of stores to purchase more than 2 billion products globally.

If you find Xare intriguing and would like to explore more, download the app today from the PlayStore or the AppStore and sign on!

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