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Just Among Friends

Xare Club is your private inner circle. Share credit or debit cards. Get all the card benefits you’ve ever wished for.
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Save While You Spend

Spotted a great deal on your shopping but the offer doesn’t apply to your bank card? We feel you. Create or join a Xare Club so you never lose out on extra savings.  
One Club. Limitless Benefits.
Invite friends to your private club. Share credit/debit cards.
Unlock Card Privileges
Enjoy exclusive offers on other club members' cards.
Save More on Shopping
Shop using someone else’s card to get a better deal.
Share Securely
Set spending limits. Don't share card details.

Your Wallet.
Now Limitless

Share cards to sweeten every deal. Or treat yourself to some premium perks
  • Get more from shopping, dining, or entertainment offers
  • Spend abroad with ease as you please
  • Claim VIP privileges like lounge access, concierge services
  • Reap more rewards when others shop on your card
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How it works

  • Invite your contacts to the Xare Club.
  • Members share card access without disclosing card details.
  • You can explore various bank offers and choose an offer.
  • Ask a fellow member for card access and shop freely.

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