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Why Xare

We’re building a Billion Banks to reclaim the soul of banking

At the heart of finance is a big secret, that all financial products were built for income earners, but only 1/3rd of the world works and they support the 2/3rds with financial products.

Xare began in Jan 2021 to bridge that gap and enable the 2/3rds to better access the finance. Xare was built with the purpose to ‘reclaim the soul of banking for everyone’, and the mission to empower the one-third of the population that has an income, to share their financial resources with the two-third of the population that does not and establishing a fair financial system. We are on a mission to provide people with equal access to financial products.

On the Xare platform anyone can create financial instruments to share access to their money with their loved ones, anyone, anytime and anywhere. The process is seamless, safe and instant.


The people behind the movement

Meet the Team

Meet the founders, globally accomplished in the fields of Banking, Tech, Consulting and the multi-disciplinary crack team they’re put together to accomplish the Brand’s ultimate Purpose to “Reclaim the Soul of Banking for everyone’

CEO – Co-Founder
CPO – Co-Founder
CTO – Co-Founder


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