August 9, 2022

Excuses, excuses … how sisters are brushing them off this Rakhi!

If your brother makes excuses to not give you a gift, Xare can help.

“…You know Sis, I got kidnapped by an alien last night, but I escaped.”– just another brilliant excuse for not getting a Rakhi gift for me. My brother’s creativity is amazing! But I know he does this just to irritate me.

Siblings share a playful, bitter-sweet bond that is tempered with never-ending arguments and quarrels - but the fact is that one cannot do without the other. Like all sisters, I love the festival of Rakhi because it celebrates this special bond with the simple tradition of tying a silk thread on my brother’s wrist. But what makes the occasion even sweeter is the gift I get from my brother 😊

Like all brothers, my brother is an expert in making up a fresh excuse every year for not getting me a gift onRakhi day. Pillow fights and fist fights have stopped working. But I think I’ve found the perfect weapon to fight all his bahanas.

I’m talking about the Xare mobile app.If my brother downloads the Xare app on his phone, he can give me direct access to his credit or debit card. Creating a Xare card for me won’t cost him anything and he can share it with me instantly, with no fuss at all.  When I receive the Xare card, I can use it to shop for anything I like from hundreds of local and international stores, directly on the Xare app.  

With Xare, my brother can choose the amount he wants to share with me and even approve every transaction I make with his Xare card. So, while I do the shopping, he’ll have full control over the money. Can it get better than this!!

So, if your brother is making any of these bahanas for skipping your Rakhi gift, know that Xare has a solution:


#1 “SorrySis, I forgot to get you a gift... “

No worries bro. I know you’re forgetful but why don’t you send me a Xare card right away? Xare is instant and free, so I’ll get my gift within seconds to spend it as I like, and you’ll have the burden off your back. Touché!


#2 “Just didn’t get the time to shop. Can I give it later…”?

What would busy brothers do without gift cards? Xare goes a step further – not only can you send money in real-time, but you can also shop on the Xare platform.So, the next time you get this excuse from your brother, there’s no need to throw tantrums – just sit him down and let Xare help you claim your last-minuteRakhi gift.


#3“Didn’t know what you would like…”

A Xare card is a perfect option for those lazy brothers who use this innocent excuse.  When he shares money with you on Xare, you are free to shop as you like. Any other gift card can be used only at one store – but with a Xare card, you can shop from hundreds of stores. It’s a win-win – your brother doesn’t need to stress about what to give, and you get to choose and buy whatever you want.


#4 “I’m not in town so…”

Why let distance come in the way of gifting when we’ve got Xare? With Xare, cross-border money transfers are fast, frictionless, and free. So, even if you aren’t together, his gift of the Xare card will reach you in time.


#5 “Why should only sisters get a gift...”

If that’s his argument, then we say it’s a valid one - Xare can help him feel better about the gift. When you shop with the Xare card he created using his bank card, his credit or debit card can earn cashback or enough reward points to get a tier upgrade. Now wouldn’t you call that an awesome gift?

Finally, here’s what we say – chuck the excuses and pamper each other on Rakhi to celebrate your special bond. With Xare, whether your brother is with you or miles away, he can bring a smile to your face without too much effort. For this one special day in the year, let’s call it a truce.  

Happy Rakhi 😊

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