Money Transfer
July 27, 2022

Sending money home should be a piece of cake – isn’t it?

Share access to your credit/debit cards in your home with Xare. Transfer money without thinking of exchange rate fluctuations.

It’s your money, after all! If you want to share it with a loved one, you should have the cake and eat it too. If you’re an expat, you’ll know that it’s a nightmare to send money home - high money transfer fees, processing delays, exchange rate fluctuations, security anxiety, and delivery uncertainty. And once you send money, you have no control over how it is spent.

Whether you work as a technician in the UAE, a programmer in the US, an English teacher in Australia, or a digital nomad traveling the world, at some time you will probably want to send money to your family back home. If you are the primary income earner, then your family be dependent on remittance money, and you will frequently need to transfer money.

Studies suggest that people have common reasons to send money home:

·      Financial support for the family

·      Buying a house or property

·      Paying for a life event, like a wedding

·      Funding student fees

·      Payments of current bills(mortgage, maintenance, loans)

·      Paying for utilities

·      Building savings or a retirement fund

You have any reason to send money home, but it pays to know the available options and pitfalls of each. Banks, money transfer companies, and forex brokers are just a few of the alternatives to send money overseas or back home. But making the right choice can be tricky.

Your selection of a money-transfer method depends on several factors:

·      How much money do you need to send?

·      How often are you need to send money?

·      How much is the money transfer going to cost?

·      How does your loved one want to receive the money?

·      How quickly does the money need to get there?

As someone who needs to regularly send money home, you probably watch the exchange rate fluctuations like a hawk.You’ve also got your antennas up for exchange house offers or discounts on money transfers, and you’re forever asking around for remittance house recommendations.

If you’re repatriating your earnings every month, then you’ve got another fixed expense (a.k.a. remittance fee)eating into your salary. And in case of a family emergency, the remittance float (time taken for the payment to process) adds to your stress.  

Isn’t it too much effort for sending the money you earn to a loved one who needs it?

How about you stop sending money home?

And instead, start sharing money with your family and friends back home with Xare.

Xare is a user-generated financial platform that lets you share access to your credit or debit cards with your loved ones in your home or overseas.

With the Xare app, all your money transfer worries will be gone because it is secure, instant, and completely free.

Once your family receives the virtual card you shared, they can shop in-store or online from hundreds of local or international stores.  

Xare allows you to stay in control of your money even after it is shared – you can set limits, get notifications to approve each transaction, and monitor your family’s spending habits.

With Xare, your money is sorted. And that’s how you have your cake and eat it too.


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