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August 15, 2022

The Perfect Gift is not a Myth

Choosing the perfect gift is a difficult task. But you can never go wrong with Xare.

Gifts are great! Receiving a gift is pure joy. But giving a gift? That is rewarding too -if you know what you are doing.

However, most of us struggle to find the perfect gift for others, no matter how well we might know them. Gifts are a way of communication and a means of expressing emotion. So, giving a gift that wasn’t well received is a waste of opportunity and effort. Remember how you cringed when your aunt gifted you an ill-fitting t-shirt, she picked up in a clearance sale – you’re obviously not a favorite!

This makes gift cards a good option – they’re neutral and convenient for the sender, and recipients are free to choose whatever they like. But most gift card shave some limitations – you can use them only atone store and very often have restrictions on the product categories for which you can shop. At times, they also have expiry dates or a penalty fee for inactivity. Now imagine a virtual card that lets you shop freely from hundreds of stores and has no expiry date! That’s a Xare card.

Xare allows you to share access to your credit or debit cards with a friend or family member, instantly and for free. Your friend can then shop from local or international stores or spend it as he likes. With Xare, you can easily send money and your friend can use the money with no fuss at all.


Here are five reasons why gifting a Xare Card makes perfect sense:

1.    Saying NO to bad gifts

“Thank you so much – but I already bought a similar one last weekend” This is a common refrain when we give someone a gift they did not really need or like. But with a Xare card, you will never worry about going wrong. Your friend can use it as they like to shop in-store or online for a gift of their choice from a wide variety of stores. Now you will not ever give a bad gift to your girlfriend onValentine’s Day, or to your wife on your anniversary, or to your fussy teenager, or a cranky neighbor – with Xare you can please anyone, anytime, anywhere.


2.    Unique Gift Card  

The Xare card is special in that it does not have the trappings of a typical gift card –no restrictions and no fees – and can be used just like cash. A person receiving a Xare card can use it to shop from local or global stores, pay utility or medical bills, pay for subscriptions, book services and do much more. What also makes Xare unique is that you can send the same gift to many friends all at one – especially handy when you are giving Christmas gifts to everyone in the family or rewarding all your team members at work.


3.    Long-distance Gifting

Xare does not really move money but only gives access to your bank cards to someone you care about. It is a completely secure way of money transfer when you want to give a gift to someone in your home or even across borders. And unlike remittance, Xare is super-fast and charges zero transfer fee. So, you can send a gift to your friend from abroad – he will get it instantly and can use it freely at a local store of his choice.


4.    Last-minute gift

“I forgot to get my wife an anniversary gift”- if you have been in a situation like this then we have good news for you. A Xare card is transferred instantly, so works great as a last-minute gift. You do not need to rush to the market or browse through online stores for same-day delivery products. With Xare, you can be sure that your gift reaches on time and is well-received.


5.    Gift it Forward

A Xare card is a super flexible gift. When you receive a Xare card, you can spend it, lend it, or even gift it forward. If you receive it via a messaging app but do not click on the link to use it, you can simply transfer it to someone else. It could be that you want to help someone in need or want to save on buying a gift for someone else – Xare works well as virtual cash that moves around easily.

When it comes to gifting, it is the thought that matters. So, go ahead and show your loved ones that you are thinking about them in their special moments. With Xare, you do not need to spend too much time or effort to show you care – it is the easiest way to bring a smile to a loved one’s face, whether in your home or miles away.

Someone once said, “The best gift you can give is a hug - one size fits all and one ever minds if you return it.” The same is true for a Xare card 😊


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