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March 7, 2023

Prepaid cards in UAE

Trusted prepaid cards in UAE. Download Xare for convenient and safe payments.‍

Prepaid cards can be used to make purchases, similar to a debit or credit card. But unlike a bank card, your prepaid card comes with a balance that acts as your spending limit. Once you’ve spent the balance, the card becomes unusable until you add more money to it. They have the following uses :

- Expense management : Budget all your household, travel, shopping and other expenses as you can only spend what you load on the card.

- Pocket Money: Set the limits. Teach your children to spend responsibly at an early age

- Global usage: Use your card for local and international transactions at over a million locations worldwide and for cash withdrawals.

- Prepaid cards are safer to use than your main bank card as they do not hold all of your account value, but just a small fraction of it.

Here are some trusted prepaid cards in UAE :

1. First Abu Dhabi Bank Ratibi Prepaid Card - Ratibi is a salary payroll solution designed to pay the salaries of employees who earn up to AED 5,000. Employees xan receive their salaries on their cards without the need for a bank account. With this card, you can securely make payments at retailers and deposit/withdraw your money from a wide range of ATM networks around the world.

Highlights :

- Free personal accident insurance

- Free access 24/7 to the largest ATMs and CDMs network

- No minimum balance requirement or monthly charges for cardholders

2. Al Ansari Exchange FlexiblePay - An easy and safe alternative to carrying cash. FlexiblePay is tailored to give you the flexibility and convenience of using any Visa Platinum card. Just load your card at any Al Ansari app, or through the Al Ansari Exchange Mobile App, and use it to manage your day-to-day expenditure efficiently and conveniently.

Highlights :

- Avoid rate fluctuations with the rate-lock feature, load your card with 23 different currencies and get access to over 2.1 million ATMs worldwide.

- Use it on online shopping knowing that it is safer than using your main bank card.

- Use it as a way of paying salaries to your house-workers rather than going through the hassle of helping them open a bank account.

3.Emirates NBD GlobaCash - GlobalCash Card is a prepaid card that lets you carry up to 15 currencies and helps you avoid currency rate fluctuations, cross currency charges while providing additional benefits including emergency travel assistance. This card also makes planning your travel easy and accessible. You also stand a chance to win cash-back of AED 500 on registering!

Highlights :

- Manage your card on the go through Online or Mobile Banking and GlobalCash Card App.

- Reload cash through ENBD branches, cash deposit machines, and Online or Mobile Banking.

- Access to emergency cash while travelling through MasterCard.

4. RAKBANK Prepaid Card - Whether you load it with your pocket money, or are using it for your daily shopping, the Rakbank prepaid card claims to be the safest and most convenient way of making payments. It is the secure, seamless and more rewarding alternative to cash.

Highlights :

- Get great offers on dining and Buy 1 Get 1 offers on retail shopping

- Easy and free reload at any RAKBANK ATM or via the App.

- You can load your card one time with maximum of AED 100 that you can immediately access on activation.

5. Sanad Prepaid Card - This card was created in collaboration with the Social Services Department in Sharjah that facilitates banking procedures to those in need of social assistance, shelters as well as home care and protection services. It helps you manage your finances anywhere, anytime. It is also beneficial for employees without the means to open a minimum savings account.

Highlights :

- Discounts & offers at worldwide outlets.

- Easy reloading.

- ATM withdrawals & international use.

This list shows that prepaid cards come with a variety of benefits. However, their shortcoming is that they usually have a hefty fee. With Xare, you can access all these benefits and more, absolutely free of cost. Xare allows you to access cards regardless of whether you own them. XareClub allows you to make clubs with your close family or friends and share each other's cards safely and conveniently. Thus, if you only own  a debit card and want access to the benefits provided by a credit card, you can access the cards of the users in your XareClub and use them as your own. XareClub offers a great solution to parents looking to share access to their cards with their teens. Download Xare for conveinient and safe payments.

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