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February 16, 2023

5 Best Credit Cards in the UAE for Maximum Savings

Best credit cards with benefits in the UAE. Use Xare to avail the benefits of every credit card in the form of one app.

Credit cards are described as ‘magic cards’ that give you access to a'dreamy world full of perfect things’ in the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, but what are they really? The basic idea of a credit card is simple, but it seems surreal to think that you could have access to money you do not - well - possess. Credit cards bring to users a plethora of benefits - such as rewards, cashback, discounts and more. Different credit cards have different benefits. Some credit cards only give you benefits for certain types of spending, such as restaurant discounts or points to spend on air travel. Therefore, depending on your lifestyle, interests and daily spending habits, you can choose a credit card that fits you and your a vocations best.

Here are the five best credit cards to have in the UAE to get you started on your credit card journey.

1. Citi Bank Simplicity Credit Card : With a minimum salary requirement of 5000 AED, the Citi Bank Simplicity Credit Card offers voucher credits that can be availed to receive 50% off on total bills for participating grocery merchants, food delivery, dining, cinemas, golf, spas and theme parks. The best part, however, is the lack of annual fees, late fees, cash advance fees and over-limit fees -forever!

2. Citi Cashback Card : The Citi Cashback Card lets you save like never before with a cashback policy that saves you a great deal of cash annually, hence making it a profitable asset. Along with this, a handsome200 AED joining bonus reaches you as soon as you meet the minimum spend for a Citi Cashback Card. Last, but not least, the first year comes at no extra fee, and as long as you meet the minimum spending limit.

3. Mashreq Bank Cashback Card : With an attractive 5% cashback on dining spends in the UAE, 2% cashback on international spending, 1% cashback on other local spending and 0.33% cashback on government payments, utilities, education, charity, fuel, rental, and telecom spends, this card is also called the ‘Unlimited Cashback’ card.

4. Mashreq BankPlatinum Elite Credit Card : This card is a snatch for fitness enthusiasts, a sits most exciting feature is free access to Fitness First. By simply meeting the minimum spending amount, you could avail up to 8 complementary visits to Fitness First - per month! Another surreal feature of this card is the massive 1500 AED joining bonus given to new users.

5. RAKBANK WorldCredit Card : Finally, at the end of our list, we have the RAKBANK world card, which provides invigorating experiences to its users. With buy-one-get-one offers on movie tickets, a grand 10% cashback on supermarket and travel expenses worldwide, complimentary airport transfers, and access to over a thousand VIP lounges in airports around the world.

It seems as if, to achieve maximum benefits, you need every credit card out there. However, Xare allows you to have access to credit cards, regardless of whether you own them. In fact, Xare lets you use credit and debit cards without so much as having a bank account! You can even create a XareClub, invite friends to add their credit and debit cards, and everyone gets access to all card benefits. So the next time you want to save on your shopping, just remember you don't need more cards - you just need more friends in your XareClub!

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