Why should I join the XareClub?

Why should I join the XareClub?

Never miss out on an incredible offer again:

→ With XareClub, members can easily share cards with the best benefits and offers to save more. Look no further than XareClub, your one-stop destination to discover amazing bank offers in your area. Stay informed and maximize your savings today!

Easy and free to share:

→ Requesting a bank card through the Club's platform makes it easy for members to share their bank card details with one another without having to meet in person or share sensitive information over the phone or email.

→ Xaring is free and easy with no fee or interest on sharing money or online payments.

→ Enjoy all the benefits of digital money transfer.

Improved financial management:

→ Having a clear overview of the offers available on different bank cards can help you make more informed decisions about your spending and saving.


→ We know how important your security is, so:

- We don’t store your card details and use best-in-class tools to ensure they remain safe.

- Our 24/7 help center can answer all questions or feedback you may have, just reach out at hello@xare.co!