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Why do I need Xare Card?

Why do I need Xare Card?

Xare card is a numberless digital card that is funded by your credit or debit card. It is absolutely free and secure to use.

Here’s how it helps:


You can share money with your kids and dependents without the worry of it being misused. You can set the limit as to where they can spend the money and give them more on special occasions such as birthdays.


Xare offers a solution in the form of a single screen dashboard to manage and control all your employee’s expenses.


Xare is ideal for remittance across borders. Users can share their credit cards with trusted friends and family, who might have been denied a loan or credit card from the bank due to past financial issues.


Xare isn’t just easy to use but secure as well. For sharing money, users have to link their debit or credit card. The app provides complete security, ensuring card details are not seen by the beneficiary and not stored by Xare centrally. This prevents the possibility of hacking or leaks.

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