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What is Xare?

What is Xare?

Xare (pronounced “Share”) – an app that aims to revolutionize banking. With Xare, anyone, and we mean anyone, can share your debit or credit card with their friends and family. We simply call it ‘Xaring!’

The objective of Xare is to help people stop sending and start sharing thereby making funds available to friends and family whether you’re sharing within the same household or across borders so their friends and family (your tribe) are not helpless when it comes to helping each other in times of need.

Emboldened by cutting-edge tech, our interactive user interface design lets you experience sharing your money anywhere, anytime and to anyone. No physical branches. No tiresome paperwork. This state-of-the-art platform is free to use and doesn’t charge any fee for transacting money from one individual to another. You just need the recipient’s phone number to send money within the same house or across borders.

It is safe, secure, instant and completely free. Get your Xare Card today!

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