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How do I make UPI payments using a Xare app?

How do I make UPI payments using a Xare app?

Xare Card is a digital payment method that can be used to make offline UPI payments. UPI transfer is only available for India.**

To make a UPI payment using Xare, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Xare app.

Step 2: Go to profile and enable UPI payment. This needs to be done only for first transaction.

Step 2: Go to home screen and tap on the UPI icon on the top right. 

Step 3: Tap the QR code scan icon.

Step 4: If you are using this feature for the first time, you will get a prompt asking if you want to allow Xare to use the phone camera. Tap ‘Allow’.

Step 5: Enter the amount and hit enter to select the person whom you wish to make request.

Step 6: The person requested will get a prompt to authorize the transaction. 

Step 7: Once the owner authorizes the transaction, the payment will go through.

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