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April 18, 2022

Xaring is Caring

Sharing is caring is what our moms taught us from the very early stages of our lives.

Sharing is caring is what our moms taught us from the very early stages of our lives. Sharing is an effective way to show how much we care for that person. However, what should be shared and what should not be shared was never part of that syllabus. In fact. It was through experience and advice that we learnt that as a part of growing up.

You must have heard or if you are a parent, then you must have taught your children that you should not share confidential details with anyone. These confidential details may include anything like photos, numbers, passwords and most importantly banking credentials.

Have you ever been into any of the following situations? If yes, then you are in the right place:

  1. Your best friend is in a problem and urgently requires some money. You are so willing to help him but you don’t have liquid cash available. You apologetically deny him and feel the guilt for a considerable period.
  2. Your kids are asking for money. That innocent face is melting your heart and you want to give them money but you are in a dilemma whether it would be the right or wrong thing? What purpose they are asking money for? Where are they going to use that money? Are they being upfront? Such questions go on and on into your head.
  3. You want to remit money abroad but high remittance charges for international transfers are eating away at your wallet or bank account.
  4. Have you ever been into a situation where anyone asked for your credit card or debit card details and you unwillingly had to share those details?

The Solution

These are some peculiar cases that everyone would have witnessed. Some may even confront these situations on a regular basis. But what to do? How to tackle them?

This pandemic restricted a lot of sharing habits. However, certain things should not be shared in any case. These include ID and password of debit and credit cards, net banking details, mobile banking details and other banking credentials. If this is so, then how can one confront the above situations?

The answer is simple- Xare. Xare is an online platform that allows you to share access to your debit or credit cards with whomever you want whether they are your family, friends or near and dear ones.

But how is this different from sharing my debit and credit card details with them?

Well, Xare allows you to create and share cards with your loved ones that are powered by your debit cards and credit cards, while keeping those details confidential. Also, you can restrict the usage of your cards by them. You just have to share your phone number to allow them access.

Share access to your money

What makes Xare unique and different is:

No need to share confidential banking details

Allow access to your debit and credit cards to anyone without providing them access to your confidential banking details like IDs and passwords. Your phone number is enough! You don’t even need a UPI ID.

You set the limits

You can set the limits on the amount of spending that can be done by anyone you’ve shared a card with.

You choose the access

You can decide who is allowed to have access to your debit and credit cards. Xare with anyone.

Choose the purpose of spending

You can limit the purposes for which the spending or usage can be done from your debit and credit cards. Decide where your cards can be used.

Choose the frequency of access

You can either provide one-time access or recurring access as many times as you want. Therefore, share Rs. 100 one time or provide monthly sharing of expenses through the same platform.

Transfer abroad

International transfers usually attract heavy transaction charges. However, using Xare, you can share with people abroad without worrying about hefty fees.

Employee expense record

Using Xare, a company can keep a track of monthly expenses incurred by the employees.

Share with your credit limits

Even if your bank account is empty and you do not want to withdraw cash using your credit cards, then you can allow sharing from your credit limits as well.


Gone are the days when people used to send money. These is the time to Xare cards. As per the statistics, more than 1.7 billion people in the world don’t have a bank account. Many people are not provided lending facilities by the bank. For such people, you can become a bank. Xare with your family, friends and your tribe. Who needs a bank when you can become a bank yourself! Using a Xare card is the ultimate way to show you care. Here’s a video on how Xare works :

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