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February 16, 2023

Why Pay for your Daily Shopping with a Credit Card

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Credit cards are monetary tools that help users make big purchases shrewdly. Putting purchases on credit cards rather than using cash gives way to a raft of benefits, from earning rewards to gaining valuable consumer protection. Many believe that using a credit card frequently could prove dangerous or drive them to debt. However, credit cards can be nifty if used cautiously. Here are a few benefits of choosing a credit card for your daily purchases : 

1) Financing large purchases : Credit cards let you buy something and pay for it over time. This is extremely useful in emergencies. Putting the bill on a credit card allows you to make urgent purchases and pay for them comfortably in installments.  

2) Building credit : Credit cards are invaluable for boosting your credit score. By using your credit card frequently and making timely payments, you can build a positive credit history and a good score. These scores affect one's ability to get loans or rent accommodation. Credit scores can also make or break your chance of obtaining a residential visa for a different country. 

3) Cash-back : Cash-back credit cards first gained popularity in the United States in 1958. The concept was simple: Use the card and get 1% of your purchases rebated as cash back. Today, the idea has matured into higher cash-back percentages. Some cards now offer up to 6% cash back on selected purchases. Although such lucrative offers come with quarterly or annual spending limits, they leave a hefty profit in your overall savings. 

4) Safety : Paying with a credit card makes it easier to avoid losses from fraud. When an unauthorized source uses your debit card, the money is deducted from your account instantly. As a result, legitimate expenses get affected, such as scheduled online payments or post dated checks may bounce. This could trigger charges for insufficient funds and affect your credit score. Conversely, you do not lose any money when your credit card is used fraudulently. Although a follow-up with your credit card company is advisable, you do not need to stress about losing any money in real-time. 

5) Universal Acceptance : With a credit card, international payments or payments made while traveling are more manageable and economical. Credit cards usually provide better exchange rates compared to those offered by ATMs and forex brokers. It is also easier to pay for essential services while overseas, such as rental cars and hotel rooms. Rental car companies and hotels want customers to pay with credit cards because it is more convenient to charge customers for any damage caused to a room or car. 

6) Air travel benefits : According to consumer surveys, this perk predates almost all the rest. All domestic and international airlines have at least one credit card offered in a scheme to earn points or ‘miles’ for each time you travel by air. Cardholders usually earn miles or points at a 1:1 miles-to-currency ratio. This scheme can be highly advantageous and a source of big savings for frequent flyers. 

Obviously, one credit card will only possess some of the benefits available on the market. Thus, people usually choose a credit card based on their recurring needs. For example, someone who enjoys traveling or has to travel frequently for work would prefer a card that offers a profitable rewards scheme for air travel. Due to this, you cannot avail of every credit card benefit out there - unless you have every credit card in the market - which may be hard on your pocket. 

With XareClub, you can have access to any credit card that you may require. XareClub allows you to make clubs with your close family or friends and share each other's credit cards safely and conveniently. The more members you have in your XareClub, the better - more members just means access to more cards. It's like having a super credit card! 

XareClub offers lucrative features, such as ; 

  • Exclusive offers on club members' cards, 

  • Efficient and easy overseas spending, 

  • VIP privileges like lounge access, concierge services, etc., 

  • Rewards when others shop on your card, 

and so much more! 
To avail the ultimate plethora of benefits, join Xare today! 

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