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April 18, 2022

Humans of Xare — Employee Testimonials and Tips on how to use Xare cards for all Purposes

Xare is the world’s first and revolutionary money sharing app.

Xare is the world’s first and revolutionary money sharing app. Xare started life as Rise, a fintech that set out to support migrants and their families globally and to help them receive the same benefits of traditional financing as we do. Instead of transmitting money through traditional money transfer apps, Rise came up with the idea of sharing access to money via credit or debit cards. The idea was that a recipient may receive money in mere seconds. This article covers how to use Xare cards for various purposes and also cites employee testimonials.

How can you use Xare?

Xare is a free app accessible on the Google Play and Apple AppStore. The app is both free and simple to use. You can register with just your phone number after downloading the app. The process takes less than a minute to complete.

Simply create a Xare card, set limits, add a recipient and share the card with them. The Xare card is powered by the sender’s credit or debit card. You only need the recipients phone number, they don’t need to have a bank account. Recipients can not only access the funds straight away they can shop from thousands of stores globally almost instantly.

Xare is a free app and simple to use

How to use Xare Card for different purposes

As previously stated, the app’s primary goal is help whose with incomes to easily provide access to their loved ones. The process of sending money back home was already arduous, but the pandemic situation simply made it more onerous. Overseas workers have to send money through banks, which charge a hefty fee for currency exchange or through agents, who charge a lower fee but are not fully trustworthy. Xare makes sharing money effortless by allowing users to share cards without any additional fees and in real time. Apart from that, the app can be used in numerous other scenarios.

  1. Personal use: Xare makes sharing money with friends and family simple. You can add them all as beneficiaries and create specific cards with pre set limits defined by you for each recipient individually. If you’re receiving, it also means you won’t have to ask for money as often. The software can also help you keep track of your children’s daily allowances. You only need to add your children to your card and set limits. This method also allows you to keep track of how they spent the money by looking at their transactions rather than asking them how they spent the cash you gave them.
  2. Business use: Xare enables businesses to manage their payroll from a single dashboard. It not only saves them money, but also makes the entire process of managing expenses a whole lot simpler.

Humans of Xare — staff testimonials

Let’s hear it from the co-founders first.

Milind Singh, a co-founder of Xare, stated in an interview, “A lot of centralized institutions, be it banks, governments or healthcare providers, have really crumpled under the pressure of this pandemic onslaught. It has shown how resilient communities are when they come together to help and support each other. And when we think about Xare, about what we’re building, it really is a community product.”

“Xare was born out of the need to give income earners a 10 times better tool to share their money with loved ones,” says co-founder and CEO of Xare, Padmini Gupta.

When asked about his experience, a senior employee expressed his gratitude towards the company. “I am genuinely honored to be a part of the project,” he said. “The app will undoubtedly revolutionize the way we think about internet transactions in the future.” Here’s a video on what can you do with the Xare app :

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