July 27, 2022

Save max on Amazon Prime Day with the Xare hack

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All our wallets are taking a bit hit this year as the cost-of-living climbs northwards. But there’s good news – Amazon is offering tons of bargains for you to nab on its upcoming Prime Day sale.


On 23 and 24 July, Amazon will have epic deals exclusively for Prime members. This two-day sale will be loaded with heavy discounts and unmissable offers on phones, electronics, home décor and appliances, beauty and personal care, fashion and clothing, and everything else you’ve ever wanted to shop for. So, if you’ve been dreaming of a product, got a wish list of stuff, or have even stocked up your cart on Amazon but just couldn’t hit Buy Now, you could go for the home run with bumper offers on PrimeDay.  


Believe it or not, there’s icing on this cake! You can enjoy additional 10% savings on prepaid or EMI orders if you pay with an ICICI bank or SBI card.


Now, we get it that not everyone has an ICICI bank or SBI card. You too might not have it - but why should that stop you from enjoying the extra 10% savings?


Xare offers a simple hack to get access to an ICICI bank or SBI card and save more on all Prime Day deals. Here’s what you can do:


Step 1 – Ask a Friend to give you a Xare card

Find a friend who has an ICICI bank or SBI card and ask him to send you a Xare card. Xare is a super smart mobile app that allows anyone to share access to his or her bank cards with a friend. Your friend can create and share the Xare card instantly and for free, but just make sure you pay him back.


Step 2 – Get access to your friend’s card – not the card details

Once you receive the Xare card from your friend and click on the link in the message, you get direct access to his bank card to shop or spend as like. But remember, you can use his card, but you Do Not get to see his card details. After all, he’s doing you a favor, but he wouldn’t want to risk the security of his bank card.    


Step 3 – Shop and get extra savings

With the Xare card in hand, you can simply go to the Amazon store on Xare and shop for whatever’s on your wishlist. Since your friend used his ICICI bank or SBI card to create the Xare card, you will enjoy 10% extra savings on Prime day offers.


Easy-peasy, isn’t it? So, gear up for the Amazon Prime day sale on 23-24 July and with the Xare hack, it’ll be raining savings all the way!


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