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March 16, 2023

Save max at Amazon's Mega Ramadan Sale with the XareClub hack 

Enjoy credit card offers at Amazon Ramadan sale with Xare.

This Ramadan, Amazon is running a massive sale for UAE shoppers!  You can avail of up to 50% off on your favorite brands across all categories. Whatever you need, you name it, and Amazon will give you an incredible discount! But wait, there's more…

On purchasing your Ramadan essentials with an ADCB card, you get an additional 15% off! And Amazon Prime members get upto 20% off on all products.  It can’t get better than this!

Yes, it can! Just read on…What if you don't have an ADCB card?

Obviously, not everyone has an ADCB bank card. But why should you miss out on bonus savings on shopping from the Amazon Mega Ramadan Sale?

Xare has a super simple hack that can give you access to any credit or debit card in the world, with convenience and full security. This could be an ADCB card owned by another family member or friend.  

Here's what to do:

Step 1 – Download the Xare App

To get started, download Xare for Android or iOS. With Xare, anyone can share access to their bank cards with friends and family.  After signing up. you can create a XareClub,  your private group where club members share cards to save more on shopping.

Step 2 – Get access to a friend’s card

Invite a friend who owns an ADCB card to join your XareClub. Club members only share cards with each other, not the card details - so, there’s no risk at all.  

Step 3 – Shop and Save!

Once your friend joins your XareClub, you can simply request access to their card and shop with ease at the Amazon Mega Ramadan Sale. While you enjoy all the savings, remember to pay your friend back!

A piece of cake, isn't it? The fun doesn't end here - you and your friends can discover hundreds of awesome card offers in the XareClub. So, get ready to shop till you drop and enjoy mega savings this Ramadan with Xare!

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