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October 20, 2022

Remittance helped pay off a big debt back home…now I just love showering my family with gifts!

Xare allows UAE customers to shop from any website in the world and pay in 4 installments at zero interest using a UAE debit card.

Try talking to a migrant or expat worker, and sometimes you can feel the ambition that he carried along when he left home to chase his dreams in a faraway land. Like millions of fellow Keralites, Sreejith came to the UAE from India in search of a better future for his family. Six years back, he lost his job in his hometown, leaving him with meager savings and a huge debt. The remittance that he now sends back home has brought financial stability to his family and renewed hopes for the future.

This is Sreejith’s story of positive ambition.

I had not traveled outside my hometown ever –when I was young, my family never had the money to enjoy a grand vacation. Coming all the way to Dubai was a big shock for me. But I was happy that I could give my loved ones a better life back home. I’m married now and have a son - my life feels more settled.

My son turns one next month, but I won’t be there with him on this special day. I hope he will feel his father’s love when he gets my gift. I’ve spent many hours searching through Amazon for an electric toy car - I want to give him his first Tesla on his birthday😊

I’m a commerce graduate and work as a document controller at a large travel company in Dubai. Sending back money to his family in India is a monthly ritual for me. My wife manages our modest household – making sure everyone’s needs are met and there are enough savings for emergencies. I love to shower my family with surprise gifts – I know that the money I send back goes into meeting their day-to-day expenses. But my gifts are special treats that the family looks forward to.

I spent weeks planning my son’s birthday gift– it had to be perfect! A friend told me about the Xare app which allowed me to shop for a product from any website in the world and pay for it using the BuyNow Pay Later option. This meant I could simply select a gift on the AmazonIndia website and get it delivered to my home. And I could pay for it in installments on Xare, using my UAE bank card. It’s fantastic!    

Sending personal gifts to my family members is my way of expressing love. I cannot be with them in their special moments or on festivals and occasions, but I feel I can join the celebrations by sending these gifts.

I want to work in the UAE for a few more year still my two brothers graduate from college and find jobs. My son would also be in school by then. I hope to return to my hometown after securing my family’s future and I’m willing to make any sacrifice to fulfill my dream.

Living away from home is painful but I am able to give my family a stable life and many moments of joy. I am very grateful for this. I couldn’t have asked for more!  

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