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March 13, 2023

‍Payments made easy for Small Business Employees in UAE ‍

Small businesses can pay their workers using Xare

Employers in the UAE often use prepaid cards as a safe, convenient and secure way to pay their employees. Prepaid cards can be used to make purchases, similar to a debit or credit card. But unlike a bank card, your prepaid card comes with a balance that acts as your spending limit. Once you’ve spent the balance, the card becomes unusable until you add more money to it. This makes prepaid cards a beneficial asset for business owners.

Employers can simply hand prepaid cards to every new employee they hire and keep reloading the card every month, or as and when wages are due. This list constitutes of some prepaid cards with benefits for business owners :

1. First Abu Dhabi Bank Ratibi Prepaid Card - Ratibi is a salary payroll solution designed to pay the salaries of employees who earn up to AED 5,000. Employees can receive their salaries on their cards without the need for a bank account. With this card, you can securely make payments at retailers and deposit/withdraw your money from a wide range of ATM networks around the world.

Highlights :

- Free personal accident insurance

- Free access 24/7 to the largest ATMs and CDMs network

- No minimum balance requirement or monthly charges for cardholders

2. Emirates Islamic Prepaid Card - Emirates Islamic offers a Visa prepaid card that allows employers to easily set limits and manage their expenses. This card can be given to employees and can be loaded at various Emirates Islamic channels. It is a safer alternative to cash and gives employees an option to put their purchases on a card rather than having to spend cash.

Highlights :

- Global acceptance, meaning the card can be used for local and international transactions at over millions of locations worldwide.

- Supports mobile payments through Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay to ensure easy, quick and secure payments.

- Employers have the option to require authentication for purchases on the card, to ensure employees do not purchase any suspicious goods.

3. Rakbank Prepaid Card : Rakbank offers a prepaid card that can be used through an online banking app, since users are often concerned about misplacing cards or the cards being stolen. This is a useful feature for employees who may not live in the safest environments. You can also activate the card, check balances, view transactions & more.

Highlights :

- Reload the card for free.

- Card holders can also see how much is spent, and on what,  which making budgeting easy.

- You can also add your Digital card to Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

4. Abu Dhabi Pay Excellence Corporate Card : First Abu Dhabi bank offers a card exclusively for corporate and business transactions with the government. This feature makes it safe to carry the card and load it with a higher amount, as it cannot be used without corporate authentication or to make miscellaneous purchases.

Highlights :

- No card issuance costs, loading or reloading fees.

- High maximum balance of AED 10,000,000.

- Valid for 5 years.

While prepaid cards are great, most require you to either fill an issuance fee or a reloading fee every time you wish to reload the card. If not, the prepaid card may not be universally accepted, or illegible for online payments. Xare provides similar (and more) benefits, without any fees, additional details, etc. As a business owner, you can tell your employees to download Xare and share your own cards with them, rather than having to go through the hassle of buying several prepaid cards. Xare gives you complete control over your cards whilst they are being shared. You can set limits, start or stop a certain user’s access to your card at any time and more. So, if you are a business owner looking to pay your employees while saving a quick buck, Xare is perfect for you! Download Xare and invite your employees to your XareClub. Viola! Business made easy.

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