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February 16, 2023

How to Maximize Savings with the Top 10 Credit Cards in India

Here is a list of the top 10 credit cards in India that offer maximum savings

If you’re a savvy shopper, how do you ensure you’re getting the best possible deal on every purchase? There’s nothing wrong with trying to score some steals, but did you know that using credit cards correctly could help you save even more money? By taking advantage of bank deals, attractive discounts, 0% interest offers, rewards, cashback, and loyalty programs, utilizing your credit card can help maximize your savings in ways you may never have thought were possible.

Credit cards provide us with convenience and security when making purchases, as well as access to many benefits. But which credit cards offer the greatest savings to shoppers inIndia?

To help you make an informed decision, here is a list of the top 10 credit cards in India that offer maximum savings:

  1. SBI Simply Click: Offers up to 10% cashback on online shopping transactions.
  2. HDFC Bank Diners Club Black: Earns 10X reward points for every Rs 150 spent on dining, movies, and grocery stores.
  3. ICICI Bank Coral American Express Card:  Get 15% cashback on all categories including shopping, dining, entertainment, and fuel purchases.
  4. PayTM First: Earn 5% cashback on all categories plus 5X reward points on PayTM payments.
  5. Axis Bank My Zone Card: Earn up to 15% instant discounts at partner outlets plus 6X reward points for online shopping transactions.
  6. Citi Premier Miles Card: Accumulate flight miles quickly as every Rs 100 spent earns 2 miles plus a 50% bonus when redeemed for air tickets or hotel stays booked on their site.
  7. HSBC Visa Platinum Card: Get a 10% fuel surcharge waiver plus 5X reward points when you shop internationally or domestically at any major retail store or restaurant chain outlet within India.
  8. IndusInd Bank Iconia: A unique credit card that gives up to 20 times higher rewards than regular cards across various categories like dining, travel & supermarket spending plus additional bonus points if you spend more than Rs 8000 per month in a given quarter
  9. Kotak Mahindra Royale Signature Card: Earn upto 4 Reward Points per one hundred rupees spent with it along with multiple surcharge waivers such as waive off up to 1% fuel surcharge at any petrol station in India along with getting special deals and offers at select merchants
  10. Standard Chartered Ultimate CashBack card: This one offers full 6 % cash back on groceries even during sale periods and additionally if the user pays using the Pockets app then he/she will get an additional 1 % extra cash back

With so many options for credit cards in India, it can be a challenge to choose the ones that best meet your needs. But imagine having all of them and being able to maximize savings no matter what card you use - now there's an idea worth considering!

Treat yourself and your friends to all the card benefits you deserve with XareClub! Invite everyone in, share cards between members of your private club, and watch as rewards accumulate faster than ever. You'll be pleasantly surprised by access to special offers even on cards that don't belong to you – it's a real treat for those who join up!

'XareClub has some fantastic perks:

·     One Club. Limitless Benefits.

Share credit & debit cards with friends inyour private club

·     Unlock Card Privileges

Enjoy exclusive offers on other club members'cards.

·      Access Premium Cards

Enjoy the benefits of high-end cards withoutowning them  

·     Save More on Shopping

Shop using someone else’s card to get a betterdeal. So you don’t need to settle for just any deal – enjoy the best bank offerevery time you shop.  

·     Share Securely

Don't share card details when you share your card in the Club. Set spending limits on your card and approve every transaction, so you’re always in control of your money.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for more savings, you don’t need more credit cards in your wallet – you just need more friends and their cards in your XareClub!

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