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June 29, 2022

Best Way to Send Money from India To the USA

Learn the fastest and most efficiency ways to send money from India to US. We compare services, transfer rates, transfer speeds, and more.

Many of us have aspirations to migrate to a developed country, like the United States, while some migrate out of compulsion, others do for better work opportunities. Some successfully migrate, whereas some face difficulty. All along the migration journey, the pattern of spending money changes. There will be times when instead of giving cash to your loved ones, you may be required to remit money after migration. Companies like Xare are your best partners for financial transactions. Let us look at the story of a young migrant, Prateek who migrated from Indiranagar to Illinois and how Xare helped in his financial journey.

What is Xare?

First up, we must understand how Xare works. Xare is on a mission to re-imagine banking by helping people manage their money better. Xare allows anyone to give access to their credit or debit card to their friends and family. The good part is that they can do so without divulging any important information and only for a specified amount. The recipients of funds can use the money to spend on thousands of stores globally.

Xare can be used in multiple scenarios. Let us continue with the story of our migrant, starting from his days in Indiranagar.

Part I: Using Xare in India

Using Xare in India

Transferring Money to Dependents

Prateek was working in a startup in Bengaluru. He had a decent salary but had commitments such as mortgages and managing the expenses of dependents. Therefore, it was important to keep expenses in check. Xare allowed him to transfer money to his dependents (parents and spouse) in the exact measure they wanted. Xare also made possible to track expenses and check where the money was spent.

Helping a Friend in Need

Once, a friend of Prateek was going through a financial crisis. The friend had lost his job and was facing the risk of falling into a debt trap. With Xare, our young protagonist could share an amount with his friend that helped the former manage his living expenses. Prateek continued to support this friend for four months, till he found another job. The friend started loving Xare, and when the time came to return the money, he used Xare and not cash to return the favor.

Part 2: Using Xare in Illinois

Using Xare in Illinois

Prateek got an opportunity to move to Illinois to work closely with his US based client. He continued to find value in Xare even in Illinois.

Sharing Money with Family back home

One of the major challenges for anyone moving to another country is to transfer money to their loved ones back home. While there are many ways of transferring money from abroad, they have their limitations. Some methods are expensive, and some are too time-consuming. Xare allows sharing money seamlessly in a cost-effective way. Senders also have the advantage of tracking how the money is spent to ensure their hard-earned money is used wisely.

Helping Friends from a Distance

Prateek has a reputation for helping friends in need. This time, he got a call in Illinois from another friend who was facing a financial emergency. Within minutes, our protagonist could share money with their friend in India using Xare. This was much more convenient and cost-effective than traditional modes of money transfer. The friend sighed in relief, and Prateek got the fulfillment of helping his friend even from a distance.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s Indiranagar or Illinois, a Xare card makes banking easy across the world. Traditional banking has many shortcomings. For example, remittances are expensive. Sending money to friends and family is cumbersome and doesn’t allow tracking the spending. Xare simplifies all these challenges and leaves you financially happy .

You can register on Xare and start using it within minutes. Download Xare now! Here’s a video to show how can we use Xare app:

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