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March 7, 2023

Best Starter Credit Cards in the UAE

Best starter credit cards for first time users in the UAE. Use XareClub to avail all credit card benefits in one.

The excitement of getting your first job is hard to match. After hearing "You're Hired!" a plethora of emotions are experienced. An exhilarating excitement might be sparked by the captivating feeling that your efforts are paying off (as it should). Although it's fantastic that you have now made the first step toward financial independence, it's crucial to remember to manage your income wisely. Applying for a credit card at such a time and utilizing it for all of your purchases might be quite advantageous in an economy like the UAE's. The use of credit cards is practical, helps you save and aids in improving your credit score. To get you started, here is a list of the best credit cards to begin with in the UAE, all with a minimum salary requirement of AED 5,000.

1. Citibank Citi Simplicity Card : This standard, no-fuss cash-back card is ideal for beginners. With no annual, late, cash advance, or over-limit fees - the Citi Bank Simplicity Credit Card offers perks such as :

  • Voucher credits for upto 50% off on groceries, dining, and entertainment
  • Free travel insurance
  • Supplementary cards at exclusive discounts

2. Mashreq Cash-back Credit Card : Another free-for-life card that makes the perfect starter credit card. It is known as the 'unlimited cash-back card' in accordance with its lucrative cash-back rates. Users also enjoy :

  • An attractive AED 500 welcome bonus
  • 20% cash-back for the first 6 months at Zomato, Netflix, and more
  • Dining and travel discounts and rewards schemes

3. ADIB New Cashback Visa Card : Claiming to offer the best cash-back rate on everyday spending, this card calculates your monthly cash-back and rewards it by the statement date on request. It has an AED 99 annual fee and offers the following benefits :

  • Withdraw 100% of your finance limit as cash
  • 4% cashback on all of the following : Supermarket & Grocery spends, Fuel & Automobile spends, School/Education payments, Dining & Restaurant spends and Utility payments
  • Four Free Supplementary cards

4. Emirates NBD Mastercard Titanium Credit Card : Love golf? Enjoy up to 40% discounts at over 100 golf courses around the globe with this card. For an annual fee of AED 420, you can avail :

  • Exclusive offers and deals on travel, lifestyle, and shopping.
  • Complimentary access to over 10 VIP airport lounges
  • Buy 1 get 1 offers on the best brands throughout Middle East & Africa

5. ADIB Cash-back Visa Platinum Card : This card lets you withdraw 100% of your finance limit as cash. It has an annual fee of AED 1000 and offers unique perks such as:

  • Free roadside assistance and access to airport lounges
  • Flat 1% cash-back anywhere, anytime
  • 4 supplementary cards - for free!

You probably wish you could take advantage of all the benefits available out there now that you are aware of them. But, how does one do so without owning several credit cards?  Fortunately, Xare can assist you with just that! You can distribute your credit and debit cards to close friends and family members via XareClub. Download Xare to make use of all the benefits offered by every card, whether or not you own it. Just ask your friends and family to join your XareClub. With Xare, your payments are quick, safe, and convenient. Register with Xare right now with just your phone number!

Some of XareClub's remunerative features include ; 

•   Exclusive offers on club members' cards, 

•   Efficient and easy overseas spending, 

•   VIP privileges like lounge access, concierge services, etc., 

•   Rewards when others shop on your card, 

and so much more! 

To avail these abundant benefits, join Xare today!

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