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February 16, 2023

Best Credit Cards for Moms in UAE

Best credit cards for mothers in UAE. Use XareClub to avail all credit card benefits in one.

Although we may not consider credit cards a gender equality issue today, it wasn’t until 1974 that women were allowed to apply for and own a credit card in their name. Since women were unable to access credit in their name, they were restricted from having the ability to build their own credit profiles. This meant that their credit score would be dependent on the financial choices made by their male spouses. Thankfully, now women can own their own credit cards and be responsible for their own credit scores. 

As a parent, a woman is a discerning card user. She will always look for extra savings that can come with  card-usage, and special perks for herself and her family. Here is a list of the best credit cards for women and mothers in the UAE.

ADCB Lulu Platinum Credit Card

Offering various shopping discounts and rewards, this credit card is affordable and has advantageous school fee offers. As a cardholder, you earn Lulu points for every purchase at the Hypermarket. You can then redeem these rewards across various merchants to avail yourself of attractive discounts.

Annual Fee - Free for life.

Benefits :

  • When paying school fees (whether local or international), you get a 0% interest rate on converting your payment into easy installment plans for up to 12 months tenure.
  • Avail of a 20% discount on online food delivery and grocery shopping on Talabat.
  • Exclusive access to various Buy 1Get 1 offers across multiple outlets in the UAE.
  • As travel benefits, you get unlimited access to over 25 airport lounges across the MENA region and access to over 1000 airport lounges worldwide every year.

Emirates Islamic Cashback Plus Card

This card offers unique perks, such as a built-in NOl card, which allows you to make RTA-related payments. In addition, you can conveniently pay your child’s school fees and enjoy loyalty rewards.

Annual Fee - AED 313.95 / annum.

Benefits :

  • When paying college and school fees, you earn 10% cashback. The offer applies to every local and international school and university.
  • You can convert significant expenses such as college fees and electronic and jewelry purchases into 0% profit rate installment plans for tenures of up to 9 months.
  • Access to various travel, lifestyle, entertainment, and shopping offer across the globe.
  • Receive immense security through purchase protection and extended warranty feature.

FAB GEMS Titanium Credit Card

Developed in collaboration with First Abu Dhabi bank and GEMS schools, this credit card provides impeccable benefits for school fee payments. In addition, you get a variety of lifestyle and travel benefits on local and international spending.

Annual Fee - Free for life.

Benefits :

  • You get a flat discount of 4.25% when paying GEMS school fees in advance.
  • Avail of movie tickets starting from AED 15 on weekdays and AED 20 on weekends at Oscar, Cine Royal, and Reel cinemas.
  • With ShopSmart offers, you get up to 10% discounts on all leading global online stores using FAB credit cards.
  • Educational insurance of up to AED 500,000 per child.

Emirates NBD Go4it Platinum Credit Card

With this card, pay local and international education fees and convert them into 0% interest rates with an easy installment plan for up to 2 years. In addition, earn Plus Points for every expense and avail them while shopping at various merchants.

Annual Fee - Free for life.

Benefits :

  • Get exclusive access to the Visa Entertainers app and avail yourself of up to 50% discounts across various outlets, shops, and restaurants.
  • For every local and international expense, you earn Plus Points. You can redeem these loyalty points to grab attractive offers and discounts on various shopping outlets and merchants.
  • Free Dubai Ferry ride to visit the waterfronts.
  • Being an RTA credit card, it can be used for payment and transit purposes in a single go.

ADCB Touchpoints Titanium Credit Card

This card is an affordable option, with several discounts and rewards on every purchase. Using this credit card, you can pay your child’s school fees online - anywhere, anytime. It also allows you to convert your bills into installment plans with no applicable interest rates.

Annual Fee - Free for life.

Benefits :

  • On spending AED 5000 or above every month, earn 5,000 bonus Touchpoints.
  • Various travel benefits such as complimentary airport lounge access and discounted rental cars.
  • Access to various Buy 1Get 1 offers, including Vox movie tickets and 2-for-1 food deals.
  • Receive 0.5 Touchpoints for each AED you spend in the UAE. You can redeem these points to get additional discounts on various shops and outlets.

It seems as if, to achieve maximum benefits, you need every credit card out there. However, Xare allows you to have access to credit cards, regardless of whether you own them. In fact, Xare lets you use credit and debit cards without so much as having a bank account! You can even create a XareClub, invite friends to add their credit and debit cards, and everyone gets access to all card benefits.  So the next time you want to save on your shopping, just remember you don't need more cards - you just need more friends in your XareClub! 

XareClub also offers ; 

  • Exclusive offers on club members' cards, 

  • Efficient and easy overseas spending, 

  • VIP privileges like lounge access, concierge services, etc., 

  • Rewards when others shop on your card, 

and so much more! 
To avail the ultimate plethora of benefits, join Xare today! 

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