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July 27, 2022

5-point proof that Xare has a BTS bias

You might wonder what Xare has in common with the sensational K-pop band BTS. Quite a bit!

You might wonder what Xare has in common with the sensational K-pop band BTS. Quite a bit!

For starters, both these brands are youthful, trendy, and rebellious. BTS has had a meteoric rise since its debut in 2013 with an estimated 90 million fans worldwide. Ever since it sprung on the fintech scene in January 2021, Xare has been used in over 170 countries with $900+million shared on its platform – that’s no mean feat for a money app! 

So BTS and Xare are labors of love, nurtured by ‘blood, sweat and tears’, and ahead of their times. Here are 5 proof points on BTS and Xare have similar ‘DNA’

1. “I Purple You”

When BTS wants to say, “I love you” it says, “I Purple you”. It believes that the color purple is a symbol of trust between two people. According to V, the band’s vocalist and dancer, as the last color in the rainbow, purple best signifies everlasting loyalty in love. 

No points for guessing that purple is Xare’s brand color too because it is a platform that allows you to share money within your circle of trust. 

2. “Teamwork makes the dream work” 

This seven-member band comes across as a strong team, even though every member is super talented and impressive in his own right. And they truly believe in nurturing communities. Its fandom of millions of passionate followers across the globe is famously called the BTS Army. 

Ditto for Xare! We are just as communal by nature and encourage people to be the bank for their own tribe. 

3. “Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream” 

BTS had a humble beginning marked by a very forgettable debut nearly ten years back. But like for any underdog, the band’s persistence, resilience, and unconventional ways paid off well. They set out to be revolutionary and did it in style. 

Xare is a trailblazer too – the concept of money-sharing was virtually unheard of until we broke it to the world.  

4. “Hold each other’s hand and smile”  

BTS is on a mission to entertain everyone without discrimination of age, gender, race or religion. Their songs have a universal appeal that attracts people anywhere on the globe. Also, BTS members are vocal advocates of LGBTQ rights and have spoken against anti-Asian crimes in the US, among other social issues. 

Inclusiveness is important to Xare as well. Our platform democratizes financial services so that every individual can act as a bank. And by connecting income-earners directly with spenders, Xare brings even unbanked people into the fold of personal finance. 

5. “Don’t need to talk the talk, just walk the walk.”

Dynamic and action oriented, BTS has managed to hold the world’s attention for many years now. Their cult following is proof that their songs are relatable with something for everyone.

Xare is ubiquitous too. You can share money with anyone, anytime, anywhere, instantly, for free. What started as a means of simply sending money back home (a.k.a remittance) is today being used by family members to manage household finances, by parents to give allowances to their teens, by small businesses to pay employee expenses, and so much more. 

In a nutshell, Xare is to the world of personal finance what BTS is to pop culture - spirited and savvy. The world is our oyster – so “Hey, hey, hey, hey, let’s go!” 

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